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tree service grand rapids picture of staff Many people underestimate the value of a well-maintained tree in their yard. Trees provide cool shade in the heat of summer, a habitat for cute critters, and can be beautiful to look at when snow-covered. Depending on the species, they can even help dry up your yard faster after heavy rain thanks to their thirsty roots. And when they are well-maintained, they provide aesthetic value all year round.


But when trees are overgrown or poorly maintained, they can be an eyesore, especially when they lose their leaves in the fall and the structure of their branches can be seen. This is usually the time when homeowners consider the need to trim those trees. What’s more, an untrimmed tree can also pose a safety risk by growing too close to electrical wires or your home. High winds can even blow down old or overgrown trees which can be scary!

While it’s wise to prune trees before their branches create complications for your home or the community, taking on the task by yourself may not be the best decision. That’s why it is almost always best to hire a  professional tree pruning specialist.

Hire A Professional Tree Pruning Service

Hiring a tree pruning service will save you a lot of time, sweat and headaches when you account for the amount of work it takes to accomplish the task by yourself.

For starters, overgrown branches may have reached a considerable height over your home or near power lines. Trimming these can pose a serious risk. Do you have the equipment to not only trim those branches, but to do so safely so that you don’t fall? What about preventing falling branches from damaging surrounding property? Pruning a small or young tree is well within the breadth of most do-it-yourself homeowners, but don’t get overconfident with larger trees, especially if power lines are involved. Call in a professional tree pruning company.

Our staff at Aerial Tree Services are professional tree trimmers and we will gladly help you out.

We’re Trained for the Job

Tree care, no matter how trivial the task, requires a lot of time, effort and background knowledge. At Aerial Tree service, we are familiar with the specific needs of each tree species. Particular species require special considerations when determining when and how to trim them to ensure the health of the trees. Not only that, the focus of the task may not be exclusive to the tree itself, but also to the surrounding landscape and property.

As professionals, we are also well-versed in all of OSHA’s fall prevention protocols and put the safety of our crew and residents first. When you hire Aerial Tree Service for tree trimming or pruning, you hire a team with a sound plan to tackle the problem and deliver the results you want to achieve.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Enhance the landscape

Your yard not only benefits from being free from problematic tree overgrowth, but tree trimming services also add to the overall aesthetic value of your property.

An overgrown tree can compete for more attention than the rest of your landscape, and it may stick out like a sore thumb. Also, the shade of an untrimmed tree can deprive the plants growing near it of much-needed sunlight for growth.

Once you hire Aerial Tree Service for the job, you can have peace of mind knowing your garden is in good hands. Not only will the pruning stimulate your tree to grow healthier, but the effort can indirectly improve the growth of surrounding plants while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Save Time, Save Money, and Be Safe

Many people do not have the time to take care of their yard. It is for this very reason that our services exist in the first place. Procrastinating on the task may cause more significant problems, especially when the tree’s branches are slowly reaching power lines, the house, street signs and other critical points of your property.

Calling a tree specialist to handle the job saves you the effort of taking care of the situation yourself, clearing your schedule for more enjoyable and pertinent activities. Once you have a fixed schedule for regular tree trimming, future problems arising from overgrowth go away.

Preserve Your Tree’s Health

Branches infested with termites and fungi can lead to the death of a tree when left unchecked. Trimming prevents the infestation or disease from spreading all over your tree. If you have a fruit-bearing tree that is well trimmed, you can expect it to produce more fruit than usual.

Pruned or trimmed trees can potentially grow and develop healthier than trees that receive no pruning care. But achieving these results requires some careful study of the right techniques, timing, and needs unique to the species.

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There are a lot of advantages in keeping your trees trimmed. While you can  potentially handle it yourself on a small tree, for larger trees you save more time and effort by opting for our tree trimming services. Our crews service the following areas: Grand Ledge, Bath, Dewitt, East Lansing, Haslett, and Okemos