Tree Services for Lansing, East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, and Holt


Tree removal in the Lansing Area

Tree Removal is a service we’re proud to provide. When you find a tree in your yard or nearby that’s causing trouble, getting rid of it isn’t simple. The inconvenient truth is, most homeowners do not have the power tools, training, safety equipment, or even time to deal with trees that mess up their property. Having a tree removed from your property is more than just cutting and taking it down into smaller and transportable pieces. Safety of the person handling the job as well as the people around them is the primary concern. Accidents can happen, especially when an untrained person handles the job. When you want a tree removed in the Lansing area, you can expect our company to give you peace of mind knowing your tree problem is left in professional hands.


Tree trimming

Tree trimming or pruning helps a tree grow healthy and aesthetically. Cutting certain portions of a tree can improve its growth and development. The discipline also helps your tree contribute to the overall beauty of your landscape. Tree trimming is more than just cutting up certain portions of the tree and shaping the plant the way you want. You need to consider your plant’s physical structure, the needs specific to its species, time of the season, and how it would impact the surrounding plants once you start pruning it. Professionally trimmed trees not only create pleasing appearances for your garden, but it also encourages your trees to grow healthier and vibrant the way you want. Scheduling a professional tree pruning service in Lansing or in the surrounding area lets you access these benefits to help enhance your yard’s curbside appeal.


Pruning Services

Pruning dead branches and light pruning can be done in any season. Our company is always ready to provide this type of tree service to the Lansing area, because it is a necessary part of maintaining the aesthetic, health and safety of property. During the winter, proper pruning leads to a vigorous burst of new growth in the spring. When pruning in summer, you can maintain the size of a tree by preventing it from getting too large. Fall pruning allows you to prevent the spread of disease and fungus to trees and plants. Each season pruning provides something valuable to a homeowner. Please reach out to us, and we can consult with you on exactly what pruning tree services would be appropriate for your property.


24 Hour Storm Response

Storms can bring unimaginable damage to personal property. The degree of damages these storms produce is unpredictable and can leave homeowners devastated during the aftermath. This is why access to 24 hours storm response services is a necessity for any homeowner living in storm-prone areas. The trees in your yard could cause harm to your property or the people living in your home.

During heavy downpours, the soil that supports a tree can soften due to moisture. When strong winds have breached a threshold where the tree could no longer support its hold on the ground, it will eventually fall. There is no way to predict which trees will fall, but we are here to help clean up the mess after any major storm with our storm clean up tree services in Lansing.

By leaving the job to the professionals, restorations are done efficiently and as quickly as possible. These operations usually require specialized safety equipment, machinery, and expertise that are not accessible to most civilians. Rather, one needs to understand that some hazards that were not once present in the landscape may be too much to handle. By opting for storm clean up services, you take on a safer route to recovery.


Stump Grinding

Stumps, unless part of your landscaping design, are an eyesore on your property, especially when you need more space for more plants in the yard. It is also can be difficult to add garden ornaments or structures due to loss of space brought by stumps. Stump grinding makes use of heavy machinery to reduce the stump’s size into pieces that could easily be cleared. Removing stumps without the use of heavy equipment can take hours or even days, depending on how deep the roots grasp the earth beneath. The process is labor-intensive and, when not planned well, can damage your landscape. By using stump-grinding services, you free yourself from the headaches of doing stump removal by leaving it to the pros.


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Land Clearing Up To 10 Acre Lots

Land clearing is a labor-intensive process that helps create more room for cultivation. More than just clearing out trees, rocks, and other forms of debris, the operation requires near correct estimate on the amount of work and how much time is needed to accomplish it. You need to hire a company that is reliable, insured, and delivers results as scheduled. Whether you are planning to have acres of land cleared or just want a small yard cleaned up, we can provide the services you need. A professionally maintained yard can markedly increase your yard’s aesthetic value. These services cost you less compared to carrying out the task yourself. You need to choose a trusted provider to help bring out the consistently positive results they are known for.


Snow Plowing, Snow Clearing, Snow Removal

Snow loses its magic when you realize how much trouble too much of it can cause for your property. We know how frustrating it is to clear snow from your walkways and driveways. Excess of it is not only inconvenient; it also comes with the risk of injuries to your family members and passersbys. Local authorities could even fine you for not keeping your property clear of snow. This is when scheduling a Lansing snow plowing service is a prudent option. Opting for snow plowing services is often not a necessity, because homeowners may clear the snow themselves and save money in the process. However, for properties that have accumulated a lot of snow and homeowners that have no time to deal with the problems, hiring a snow plowing service can give you peace of mind.