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Stump Grinding in Lansing and the Surrounding Area

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Unwanted stumps in your yard are an eyesore. The remnants of once-living trees serve as ugly tombstones. They take up space. They can be a breeding ground for insects. They don’t contribute to your garden’s overall aesthetic value. Furthermore, there is a chance that stumps can harm other living plants nearby. Stump grinding and removal is the way to go!

So why wait any longer? Consider calling the stump removal professionals to get rid of that pesky stump once and for all.

When to Consider Stump Removal in the Lansing Area?

Some stumps can easily be removed with a little shovel work and elbow grease, but most refuse to budge. It usually takes hours to do it, and there are many ways to carry out the job. You can burn it, rot it with chemicals, grind it, and, if you feel daunted by the level of labor you have to put in, ignore it. While you can carry out the task yourself, it can cost you a lot of time and effort, especially when multiple stumps are in your yard.

Stump grinding services are available for homeowners to opt for when they want a quick solution. If you happen to be a busy person with a schedule that’s packed seven days a week, an exhausting task such as stump removal may not exactly be on the top of your priority list. Calling up expert stump removers to do the job for you saves tons of time and effort. These professionals have the machinery to carry out the job at reasonable costs.

What is the Cost of Stump Removal?

It really depends on how much work needs to be done. Generally, it would cost you less than handling the job on your own. Other than paying for professional fees, you are also paying for a time-saving solution. Stump removal can take hours, especially when you are doing it by yourself with limited tools.

Hiring a professional stump remover means taking advantage of their stump grinding machinery to lessen the work time. Furthermore, you do not have to rent a stump grinder that could range up to hundreds of dollars and risk any grinder malfunctions you have to pay for while using it. Not to mention, you eliminate the risk of personal injury.

How Difficult is it to Remove a Stump?

Stump removal is relatively more difficult and time-consuming compared to cutting trees down. Roots that are stuck a few feet down may need to be dug up for grinding. Different tree species also produce different root sizes and networks of roots can span several feet.

Grinding the stump requires some experience and mastery with the equipment to use it to its fullest potential. This also means handling the risk for possible injuries related to the use of power tools. When you leave the job to professionals, you are also paying them to handle some of the safety risks for you.

Removing Stumps can pose a health risk to some individuals

Stump grinding and removal unearths microscopic debris. Some of this particulate matter can enter a person’s lungs and cause an allergic reaction. Furthermore, Clostridium tetani are ubiquitous in soils, and an open wound could cause tetanus infections. Other than incurring more costs for purchasing safety gears, you also have to deal with possible health risks.

What happens if you just ignore a stump in your yard?

If all goes well, nothing. You are just left with an unsightly stump. If unlucky, a stump left alone would re-grow into a tree from surviving portions of the stump and will make it harder to remove the stump in the future.

A stump could also rot and encourage fungal growth during decomposition. Fungal growth can spread to other nearby plants in the garden or promote the release of spores that can travel in the air and cause respiratory problems.

Insects could make use of the stump as a shelter and breed. This can lead to bigger problems including a termite infestation of your house.

At best, you are left with an occupied space with no aesthetic purpose in your yard. The reality is not all stumps will cause severe problems in your yard. Most homeowners just want to free up some space for more room to grow flowering plants or install garden ornaments to add value to the property.

Our stump grinding services in Lansing relieves you from a variety of headaches that stumps could cause in your garden. The level of effort one needs to exert when removing a single stump differs case by case. But most of the time, machinery is required to accomplish the task in a short time. Leaving it to the pros removes the hidden costs of dealing with the stump yourself.