24 Hour Storm Response

24 Hour Storm Response in Lansing and the Surrounding Area

24 hour storm clean up in lansing image of main cutting limb

24-hour storm clean-up services in Lansing and the surrounding area can reduce problems homeowners face during recovery. During clean-up operations, some damages can occur as a result of mishandling.Recovering from the aftermath of a storm can become an overwhelming task for homeowners. A tree falling onto a car, home, driveway, yard or road are common problems after a storm. It can take days, weeks or even years to clear up all the mess and get everyone’s lives back on track.

Trees that have fallen on power lines, as an example, are dangerous to remove by untrained people, and it even poses a risk for those who are trained for the job. Even damaged trees close to power lines can pose a health hazard to anyone attempting to clean up the damage.

When clearing up debris, trees that were damaged may fall completely. Branches may fall unexpectedly from trees that seem sturdy for a moment, and this could be another accident waiting to happen.  While taking care of the damages yourself might seem cost-effective, there are some instances when the job is so overwhelming that you need help.


Why is it not a Good Idea to Handle the Storm Cleanup Yourself?

Storms can bring all sorts of disasters to your property, but cleaning the mess up yourself is a safety hazard. Even if a tree is completely intact, the neighbor’s tree might not be.  Branches from trees may not be completely attached to their trunks and can fall at any time, especially after a storm, even with just a slight gust of wind. This is why clearing trees and other debris is a safety concern during storm clean-ups.

Any further damages brought to your home or person by accident during the cleanup process may not be covered by your home insurance. However, if professionals were to handle the storm clean up for you, official documents could contribute credibility to your claim which may enable you to receive just compensations from your policy.

This is why you need to contact Aerial Tree Service to aid in your storm clean up. You need to choose a trusted name in the business to have peace of mind, and Aerial Tree Services has been around for years. Our company responds promptly to emergency tree removal requests. We have a dedicated crew, and we’re ready to respond to your storm cleanup needs.

Why Choose Aerial Tree Services for a Storm Clean Up Lansing and the Surrounding Area?

It cannot be denied that some tree removal services out there may take advantage of a homeowner’s distress and need for immediate relief. Aerial Tree Services has been in the business for years and has built long-term relationships with its customers through seasoned work and referrals. It has a steady stream of repeating clients that know they can deliver results as scheduled and at a reasonable rate.

Aerial Tree Services has the machinery, equipment, and trained personnel to carry out emergency tree removal services for storm cleanup in Lansing. As soon as a request is called in, a team is dispatched to the area to assess the level of work required to mitigate your situation.

There is no pressure when opting for our services. You will receive an objective appraisal of work that needs to be done. You can expect that the job will be accomplished in the shortest time possible with a team capable of delivering the results you need.

The level of damages to properties a storm can leave is difficult to imagine until one is left with the aftermath. The damages in the landscape carry additional risks for everyone, especially during clean up operations. There is no need for you to take safety risks. Never hesitate to call for storm cleanup services from Aerial Tree Services. We’re here for you.