Safety Concerns for DIY Tree Removal

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Having trees around us is important for a variety of reasons. For one thing they provide us with a beautiful environment and also produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Other benefits of trees include:

  • Reducing urban runoff and erosion by storing water and breaking the force of water hitting the ground when it rains
  • Reducing sound and noise pollution
  • Deciduous trees block excess sunlight in the summer but allow enough of it to pass through during winter.
  • Trees provide a tangible ecosystem for birds and other animals.
  • Additionally, owning a tree on your property can sometimes increase the value of that property. Houses with trees and a portion of greenery are generally more acceptable to visitors.


Just like every other thing that exists in nature, some trees get old or diseased, and this can necessitate a removal. And sometimes, trees can become a nuisance, especially in residential areas where their roots can interfere with water lines and their branches can get in the way of power lines. Thus, they need to be removed for safety purposes. Some reasons why people consider the tree removal option include:

  • The tree is dead. There is no need to allow a dead tree stand in your yard. Dead trees are natural disasters waiting to happen. They can pose a threat to human life and your property as a whole.
  • The tree is leaning towards your house, drive way or  other structure. This is a root problem and you will need to ensure that this tree is removed without causing any damage.
  • The roots are encroaching into the foundation of your home.
  • There is ongoing construction work in a residential area. Trees can sometimes slow down a new project.
  • The trees are becoming too crowded on a property. Trees have the ability to grow like wildfire and fill up spaces. This can result in daily waste from leaves and the risk of trees falling during a storm.


Tree removal is an activity that can be carried out by homeowners. All that is needed is proper planning to ensure safety and the possession of a chainsaw. Before embarking on tree removal, it is necessary for homeowners to get a permit from designated agencies because some areas have very strict laws regarding tree cutting.

Don’t be deceived by how easy it might seem on video or in pictures. Tree removal can be a very dangerous activity to carry out, especially when one isn’t a professional. There are many things that could go wrong during a tree removal process if the right procedures are not followed. Some trees are just too large to be removed safely. Tree removals are unpredictable projects and go in any direction.

Another major danger associated with tree removal is the tools used. Chainsaws, wood chippers and other power tools that are used can be very dangerous and can inflict serious bodily damage within seconds. In addition, stinging insects and venomous snakes might have their homes in some of the trees been cut down.


Some small trees can still be removed by homeowners, but safety measures should be put in place to protect anyone cutting the trees. These safety measures include:

1. Safety Equipment

Anyone trying to remove a tree must be well protected. There should be additional safety gear on the skin to provide protection against any possible insects that may attack or sharp wood chips that fly. Some other major safety equipment to be used includes:

  • Helmets to protect the head during a fall
  • Gloves to protect the hands from bruises or cuts
  • Safety glasses for eye protection from chainsaw debris while up on a tree
  • Ear muffs to protect the ears from chainsaw noise

    2. Safe Tree Removal Processes

  • Homeowners should be careful not to carry out tree removal in a dangerous weather such as during snow, hailstorm or rain.
  • There should be adequate planning before the process begins so that they are not caught unaware.
  • The tree should be well examined for any form of hazard such as a weak limb, broken branches, dead wood or stinging insects and plants.
  • The felling zone of the tree should be estimated to provide enough room for tree to fall without any obstruction.
  • Trees should be cut away from power lines or telephone lines.

Despite all of these safety procedures, homeowners are generally not advised to attempt tree removal with all of the risks involved.


When trying to take down a tree, your best option is employing a professional to help out. Professional tree removal companies offer a wide range of tree removal services and they also give advice on how to take care of the new landscape. With a professional on ground, homeowners will have total peace of mind because these experts are well aware of the methods used to successfully take down a tree no matter how large it may seem. You also save time while hiring professionals because they are already equipped with all of the right tools to get the job done as fast as possible.

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