Land Clearing

Land Clearing Services

land clearing lansing removing trees imageBrush clearing opens up a property for cultivation, building residential communities, and commercial site construction. Jobs like these need heavy machinery designed for clearing up trees, large rocks, and different types of debris.

Carrying out these services requires a large investment in machinery, manpower training, and equipment to accommodate several acres of land and complete the job on schedule. It can take days or even weeks to clear a large tree-filled lot even with all the equipment and training that land clearing companies bring to the table, so it’s in your best interest to hire a professional. Aerial Tree Services has you covered as your number-one choice for land clearing contractors.

Common Reasons for Hiring Land Clearing Contractors

You’ve probably seen land clearing companies in action if you’ve ever driven by a new housing development or construction site where all of the grass has been removed, leaving behind only the reddish clay subsoil. But land clearing services are useful for many other purposes, including:

  • Starting your lawn over again. Are you tired of combating weeds in your lawn? Ready to just slice off that layer of ugly growth and start fresh with new seed or turf? Clearing away all the brush on the lot is the first step. We have equipment and machinery that allows us to do this job even in small yards and tight spaces.
  • Creating walking, riding, ATV or hunting trails. Let’s say you own a large property and want to have some fun on it. But the dense wooded areas with thick underbrush make it difficult for you to drive a truck in for hunting, to drive an ATV for fun, or to even ride a horse, go mountain biking or simply take a walk. You could clear space by hand, but to get it done quickly and in a beautifully uniform way, hire us!
  • Creating a fire line. Although the Mid-Michigan area does not tend to be wildfire-prone, you might be a farmer who wants to do a controlled burn on your fields. Having a fire line around those fields helps ensure that accidents don’t happen. We remove all vegetation so that the fire has nothing to latch onto as fuel.
  • Preparing a building site. Of course, we shouldn’t fail to mention that clearing land is essential for preparing a building site, whether you’re expanding your driveway, building a garage, adding a barn or have other exciting plans.

Take Advantage of Our Fleet of Machinery

One of the advantages of hiring a land clearing company like Aerial Tree Services is that we have the machinery to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. Even though it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself to try to save money, the truth is that your project might screech to an indefinite halt as you try to find the time, energy and motivation to labor over it day after day. When you consider this, our tree clearing cost is actually quite reasonable.

When you hire Aerial Tree Services to clear off a piece of land, you get a full-service package. These services include, for example, tree removal, debris removal, and stump grinding. Our rates vary in proportion to the size and type of area that requires clearing. Assessing the total covered area is done before proposing a fixed rate. Please contact us for a quote!

We serve the Lansing, East Lansing, Bath, Haslett, Okemos, Holt, Dewitt, Grand Ledge and the rest of the Greater Lansing Area.