Land Clearing

Land Clearing Service in Lansing and the Surrounding Area

land clearing lansing removing trees imageLand clearing opens up a property for cultivation, building residential communities, and commercial site construction. Jobs like these need heavy machinery designed for clearing up trees, large rocks, and different types of debris. Carrying out these services requires a large investment in machinery, manpower training, and equipment to accommodate several acres of land and complete the job on schedule.

The process of clearing up land can take days to carry out, especially when there is a lot of area to cover or trees that need clearing. Also, uneven land requires flattening to be suited for installing structures in the area.

When you hire Aerial Tree Services to clear off a piece of land, you get a full-service package. These services include, for example, tree removal, debris removal, and stump grinding. Our rates vary in proportion to the size and type of area that requires clearing. Assessing the total covered area is done before proposing a fixed rate. Please contact us for a quote!